my staffy barks at me  

Today at 2:19 PM. I often refer to this behavior as “senile barking” but there are several reasons why older dogs bark, as well as several ways to encourage elderly dogs to bark less. But after a few frightening days in a place called The Kennels, I went to live in Zach’s Shack, where I quickly got used to human company … Recent Post by Page. By … Provide door drills. Training takes time, but does the trick. First, rest assured, you are not alone. My dog is a Staffy x (pitbull i think, im not sure) She is 12 months old and extremely clingy. Why does my dog bark and lunge at other dogs on leash? Rather they are collars that lead the dog by the head. Tweet . Some bark collars emit a noise, some bark collars a blast of air or citronella and some use an electric stimulation between two points on the collar that limit the feeling to that area. if she is barking like mad we will … My experience has been that the electronic one is the most successful … Joined: Dec 9, 2008 Messages: 15 Likes Received: 0. Print . After I was left in a house with lots and lots of cats when my owner died, I was sent to a place called a rescue, and then they asked Senior Staffy people to let me join their Club. It’s the stuff of Old Yeller, White Fang and Lassie –– starers, all. Am I in the wrong for ignoring him and putting him outside … Again, this will convey to your staffy that jumping doesn’t get them what they desire. She stays inside with me when I'm home and watches me do everything around the house. How? by Aaron (Ireland) He is 5 months and when he goes to play he barks and growls , and is tail bes wagging like mad , when i tell him to stop hes stops rite away , wonder is this normal behaviour for a staff i just dont want it to get any worse. Once your dog calms down, you can go and interact with them. Anonymous. Awww no night beautiful’s x. English … Four Ways to Stop Your Pit Bull from Barking too Much. They can all work. Aviva. This is the bark neighbors will often hear and complain of, coming from dogs left alone all day or shut out in the yard at night. Join in and write your own page! If your staffy continues to jump after you turn your back, say something like “Bad!” and walk away from them into a different room behind a closed door. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an … I spend most of the day with her and walk her at least 3 times a week. Whether your high-strung pooch is a new rescue, a puppy or a long-time pet with erratic mood changes, our newest Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lovers Training Course will show you exactly how to BE IN CONTROL AND STOP THE AGGRESSION : If your Staffordshire Bull Terrier's aggressive … When I play with her she gets really excited and jumps up and trys to bite me, I'm not sure if she's only trying to do a little nip or a full on bite. You may want to enlist your mail carrier’s help to eliminate the barking. By Dr. Patty Khuly VMD | Fri Jul 15 22:11:13 EDT 2011. Aggressive Staffordshire bull terrier I have a six year old Golden Retriever and a 4 year old pure bred staffy. Earlier this year, my whole world fell apart. Single Barks, Long Pauses Between Each, Repeating For A Long Time. I inherited the staffy eighteen months ago. And also sometimes she'll stop and start barking at me, is this normal? 23 Universe. We have a bark busters toy which is a mesh bag filled with marbles (i think). Therefore, putting up curtains or even confining your staffy to an area of your house with windows away from the street helps keep them calm. Source(s): stop staffy barking home: Any kind of reaction besides dismissing them … The ‘Yap-Howl’ By doing so, … Bella the Staffy Pup|First Meal & First Bark|Throwback Thursday - Duration: 1:05. Just popping in to say good night to all my fellow seniors The Senior Staffy Club. Today at 1:22 PM. he is lovely dog lovely temper just … 10. Working Animal Guardians - WAG is with Anca Elena Suteu and 2 others . Pages Liked by This Page. I was very scared and didn’t want anyone to come near me, certainly not to put a lead on me! If i sit down she barks at me or jumps on me, and when im cleaning she bites me if i dont pay attention to her. If your staffy sees a person or a feisty squirrel outside, they're going to get excited, and barking will ensue. Post . i was wondering is there anything that can stop my staffy from barking when not at home he is not a barker when we are with him but constanetley barks when not there resulting in neighbours being angry is there any safe solutions out there. Find what motivates your dog. When i put her outside she comes to my … It's easy to do. I can see how that would be … He’s all smiles … I believe he does it to seek attention. There are a variety of reasons why we see behavior … I Love My Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I am between 8 and 9 years old. – Tips for Interacting with Other Dogs; How to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy; Best Staffy Training Books; How to Stop a Staffy Puppy Biting; Affiliate Information. 0 0. To bark or not to bark—that's not a question for most terriers. he has a great temprement n good with other dogs but comes in and looks at me and my husband and barks at us lol he does not do it to the kids which are 9 6 2 and 6 month . It’s not hard to imagine why a loyal dog might stare devotedly at his master. Also, you can try buying some baby gates to keep your staffy in a calm, isolated area. Birds / Cats / Dogs / Pet Fish / Pet Lifestyle ; Share It. Reasons for Staffies Shaking and Trembling; Do Staffies Get on with Other Dogs? Hi all, I have a 2 year old staffy, and after watching many an episode of "The Dog Whisperer" (isn't Cesar Millan good...) I've come to realise that my little staffy is dominant over me and considers herself … i cant decide if he is trying to show dominance or play ful he is not aggresive when doing it just stands and looks at us n barks. And finally there are bark collars that automatically set off an interrupter when the dog wearing the bark collar barks. Goodnight peggy x. This behavioral issue is so common that there are volumes of books specifically written about the subject. This is the bark of a lonely dog, asking if there’s anybody out there and begging for company. Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by lexie2007, Feb 23, 2009. lexie2007 PetForums Newbie. 7 years ago. Barking is just part of the terrier's nature, up there with hunting rodents and digging. Ask the postal carrier to feed your pup a treat once it is quiet and praise your pet for being silent. Tito looks to be larger than a Staffy, as far as we can tell from the photo. Finally, you could try a halti or gentle leader head collar. Dog trainers and behaviorists refer to this issue as “on-leash aggression” or “on-leash reactivity”. That doesn't mean you, or your neighbors, have to put up with incessant yapping. Today at 12:48 PM. Share . I put him outside and ignore him but everyone else in the house tells me to give him attention so he doesn’t bark. He was great with my retriever until … Mini dachshunds aggressive My 10 yr. Old dachshunds gets aggressive with my 22 yr.old daughter, She can pet her sometimes or alot of times she walks by her and she goes crazy and … Please help 1 year old male pit … The Senior Staffy Club . Entertainment Website. (I have permission to … 11. whilst it is nice to be greeted, when your carrying several bags of … Create an association between the door and door … Some dogs do … When our dogs and that beautiful Labradoodle are out at the same time there is a bark-fest which is very annoying for me and I have no doubt my neighbors don’t appreciate it especially if it’s during their sleep hours a time when due to my schedule my pups are quite often out in the yard. We had huge success with them when our dog started barking at other dogs she passed. Ringing the bell, knocking on the door, and arrivals or departures can excite or scare shy pups. They aren't a muzzle. The Senior Staffy Club. My dog barks non stop in the morning no matter where he is. Why Older Dogs Might Bark More. Why Does My Dog... Stare at Me? I keep a loud whistle by the back door which when blown interrupts their train of thought momentarily and I can generally then … It’s in their nature, and you can’t argue against nature. It’s essential you resist the urge to yell or engage with their jumping. 5 years ago. Give them plenty of exercise every single day. Need tips for me to be dominant over my Staffy! But some dogs take staring to extremes, following their owners around with baleful eyes as if expecting links of sausage to fly from their … December 29, 2020 at 6:25 AM. Hi Everyone, my name is Tito. The Nest. Barking and Growling Staffy . Your dog won't want to jump up if his head is pulled by the action of jumping (his head will be pulled to the side and he won't be able to see where he's jumping which takes the … I will make you give it to me by controlling … Terriers & Barking Problems. hi i have got a six month old staffy puppy called marley . Counter-Bark Training Method #3: If barking is a problem on your walks, using some of the same methods utilized in loose leash training may help. He’s quiet when he knows that everyone in my house is out, but as soon as he relalises someone’s home, especially in the morning, he barks. How to Stop a Staffy Barking When Left Alone; Why is My Staffy Shaking? My puppy is 6mnths old, and she's a Kelpie X American Staffy. Dog Breeds. Barking at the mailman teaches pups to repeat the behavior over and over again. He sounds like a nice dog and I hope he gets settled soon. Also, when greeting us, she is very exicited, it can take upto half hour to calm her down, she has also started to nip the cuffs of clothes when you walk in the front door! It wears on me but I know there is a good chance he cannot help it. My owner took his own life leaving me behind. Give them plenty of exercise: There is a saying in the world of Pit Bulls, “A tired Pit Bull is a good Pit Bull.” If you find yourself hearing barking at all hours of the night you might want to look at how much exercise your dog is getting. This is from being highly stimulated but it’s not a threat, though I am sure an accident could happen if he jumps too close to my face someday, so I get him to sit. Our 4month old staffy pup barks at us whilst we are sitting on the couch after dinner when her energy levels are up again, so we have a bit of a wrestle and that useally sorts her out but sometimes she just barks and barks for no reason ( well i guess the reason is that she wants our attention). This make me laugh. Vale Referrals. He barks in the morning when he first wakes up, and he barks in the late afternoon. Email . They could be bored and barking is a way of letting go of some of that stress. Pam H. writes, “My dog will continually bark at the TV when he sees any type of animal on the screen. That being said, this is a serious issue that needs addressing as soon as possible – the longer you … Simply click here to return to My Aggressive … "Now that my Staffordshire Bull Terrier isn't AGGRESSIVE anymore, I am so relieved that I won't have to give it away!" … He jumps, barks, if I don’t start throwing things right away ( I try to warm him up before any type of fetch or such game but it’s not easy), gets a BIT in my face, and you can hear him clack teeth and snap jaws, SORT of near me. Click here to read or post comments. In fact, this is the type of staring dog owners tend to notice most often, because it covers a variety of “wants” from their pups — everything from “feed me, I’m hungry” to “toss the ball” to “I need to go for a walk” to, yes, “rub my belly.” Staring while engaging in a specific action, such as holding his leash in his mouth, is your dog’s way of saying: “This is what I want. Twitter; Print; Email; iStockphoto. Help please, our 1 yr old female staffy has taken to barking when she wants attention, I have tried ignoring her but all she does is bark louder and jump up at us. Cause it gets me worried she's meant to be a family pet. Boss dog here!!

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