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We are finishing our basement. You have no items in your shopping cart. Too much haphazard picture hanging or, Old homes look fabulous with a semi-gloss trim, Newer or modern homes tend to suit a satin finish, Shiny finishes can expose flaws, so make sure your trim is in tip-top shape – same with your painting skills, You don’t want your ceiling reflecting light back at you and shinier finishes are reflective, Ceilings are often textured. MY painter says to go with a pearl by behrs but wondering if that will be too much of a sheen??? Satin/pearl has a reasonable amount of sheen to it without being as glossy as a semi-gloss. Hi Betty! Yikes! Hi Diana! Knowing inside doors is a very large portion within the home, just as your furniture, dusting & cleaning them is important. The best way to paint your door is by using both a paintbrush and a foam roller. The more coats of paint you put on, the higher sheen you will get. If primer has been removed I LOVE your posts, Kylie, and am trying to read as many of the older ones as possible, as I have just relatively recently discovered your blog. We generally spay gloss or high gloss paints, just for this very reason. Question is that I’m not sure if I should paint the crown mouldings this time flat just like the ceiling for a change and more modern feel. Do you think it would look silly to have 4 panel eyebrow doors but completely flat baseboard and casing? As for trim and doors, I’m 50/50 but generally lean toward satin. Consult a paint professional or local paint department/store for coatings best suited to the project. An eggshell finish is similar to that of an eggshell, not flat, not shiny – kind of in-between. Dr Dulux. Thank you so much- I will look in to those! This is usually my bare minimum sheen for trim work and is quite washable. Once the door is painted and dry, put back the hardware and admire your handiwork! I love painting a door – whether you want to paint it white, black, or add bold color, giving a door a fresh coat of paint it a great way to modernize it and add a bump of your personality to a space. What best paint finish for interior doors eco inc hand painting vs spraying our interior doors chris loves julia 16 pro tips for painting interior doors bob vila how to paint a door my best tips for painting interior doors driven by decor. Keep in mind that the paint colour will all be the same( ceiling,crown and base). Painting Kitchen Cabinets: How to Pick the Best Colour. I enjoyed your post and I’m loving the dining room. Sand the Door Smooth. Eggshell is a great overall finish for most rooms and is most popular for its wipe/washability and sheen level. If you’re thinking of hiring a painter though, I highly recommend you read this: The 10 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE Hiring a Painter! A high gloss finish adds drama, impact and has supreme washability. If your walls are smooth, in good condition and you DO have kids, dogs or a spouse with Dorito fingers (oh, we’ve all had them) you may want eggshell for some operability. Getting a lot of traffic from hands, requiring to consistently clean, wiping down with a sponge and mild detergent, or just lightly go over with a damp wiping cloth. E-Design and Online Paint Colour Consulting. Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! I’ve painted the trim and baseboards in semi-gloss and it’s definitely more shiny in appearance than the walls. We are remodeling and adding shiplap to our 10′ beam, pitched ceiling. I love it for furniture though, it’s perfect. I asked several times to be sure. Would you use matte Or continue with eggshell on the ceilings as well? Hi Kylie, What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Doors? However, the sheen is irrelevant if you buy crappy paint. If i use Behr Ultra on walls, I almost always do the flat finish, so I don’t have too much gloss… I have a some what small foyer with stairs off of it. Where we now live, walls are textured (side note that I can’t stand that, having come from another part of the country). Q: What is the best way to paint an interior door? Check out more of these painted maple cabinets. Semi gloss Gloss High gloss One of my bathrooms doesn’t get much ventilation. How do I choose a trim color? Contemporary interiors can also use high gloss paint to add interest to simple, plain surfaces. I’m so glad you know what you are doing . Is there a particular brand or type you like? Thanks, We want to paint it all white and have chosen BM Super White to use with possibly BM Collingwood for the walls. Our interior doors and trim were recently painted with satin. And yes, the Satin finish is great – just remember that you’ll need to give that door a good sand (and maybe even a coat of primer) so that the new paint sticks to that shiny finish! ~Kylie. Harder to use, as every spec becomes visible. I LOVE the same paint colour in different sheens, absolutely – but really only with whites and off-whites. And if so, which white is best? It's ideal for low traffic areas, interior walls and ceilings. Now I still think SW kicks everyone’s butt in the gray/greige/beige world, but Behr has definitely improved their colour options, particularly with the Marquee line. Are their pigments just not as good and able to get the beautiful colors that Benjamin Moore has? Hi Kylie! If it’s cabinets, then probably a satin/pearl finish . In terms of style, this finish is best used in a traditional interior, where heavy, detailed mouldings are helping enhance the style of the space. This is especially true if you have little ones running around all day. Best paint finishes will bring attention, reflection, clean-ability, smoothness, hardness & durability to your interior trim and baseboards. Making the #1, best paint sheen finish for doors, also trim being semi gloss, for years of enjoyment, and lasting beauty. A: Freshly-painted doors and trim can make a huge difference in bringing your home’s color scheme together.I know this for a fact since I have been living with two different colors of trim and doors in my … Just be aware of the sheen – do you want glossy, satin, or matte finish? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matte paint can have a 5-10% gloss finish, making it slightly more washable, but still not as durable as a shinier finish. But you don't have to paint it with semi-gloss on […], […] doors inside the home should be the same paint color, also […], […] Each person has their own personal tastes, so using one of these closet door color ideas will work great throughout your home on all portions of trim, painting same color. Same finish as the walls or as the trim? Semi-gloss paint finish is widely used on all interior trim, which includes door jambs, and doors themselves. I do notice the wall imperfections more. Not sure which paint finish is best for your surface? I am painting my basement and am going to do Benjamin Moore White Dove for the walls, wood work and ceilings. And yes, I think I know what you’re asking, I would paint the wall part and the trim part of board and batten the same finish – probably a nice satin! Anyway–you did mention Behr paint above. It’s also great for bedrooms and dining rooms.Satin is washable but it isn’t scrubbable, so you probably don’t want to use it around your toddler’s craft table. I will be refreshing those too. Apply paint with a satin finish to both interior and exterior doors and trim. IN our new home I’ve switched to BM Regal in the ulti-matte, which obviously doesn’t help you with using SW…I would ask them for their MOST washable ulti-matte…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, I thought I might try flat sheen for the living room (which is also the … ahem… “entry”), and then do low-lustre in the kitchen and hallway. Read more: What Colour Should I Paint My Ceiling? That way I would have more durability in the kitchen and hallway, but better looks in the living room. Benjamin Moore: Regal Classic Premium Interior Paint, Semi-Gloss Finish; 100% acrylic resin; soap and water clean-up; Dutch Boy: DuraClean Cabinet, Door & Trim Interior/Exterior Paint + Primer; gloss enamel finish; Glidden: Trim, Door & Furniture paint in high-gloss; oil-based; solvent clean-up Generally not used on walls, unless in an industrial setting. Would it be weird to do those in semigloss instead of satin? How to paint a door – DIY Guide. We want to use the same colour for the trims / windows and doors but using the Aurora line. Regal® Select Interior Pearl (K550) has a finish that can be used everywhere from wainscotting to doors, and offers mildew resistance for high-humidity areas. Which paint finish should I use for my interior surfaces? Glossier paint finishes also allows a furniture polish such as Pledge® or Scott's Liquid Gold to be used after cleaning. I really don’t like an overly shiny look but also want durability and the wainscot is a large chunk of the wall. It’s just got a bit extra sheen to it and I find it a bit too much. It’s a badly done orange peel texture. It works best for: Trim. If you are wanting to bring attention to it, paint it with gloss. Interior doors are made of a harder material than walls themselves, therefore protecting these surfaces better is a semi gloss, gloss, or high gloss paint finish, where it receives the most traffic. It has turned out beautiful!!! I am looking to paint a chair rail and the drywall under the chair rail the same white color. The most common interior paint finishes (paint sheen) are flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! You should begin by brushing a light coat of paint on the door. Hi Stefani, eggshell is a FABULOUS finish for walls! Q: What is the best way to paint an interior door? Why? I just painted the walls with SW eggshell color matched to F&B Hauge Blue. I have found that pretty consistent with most of the Behr finishes, especially compared to the finish you’d get with Sherwin or Benjamin. Browse paints available in Satin/Eg-Shel Finish. Long-winded, but do you think the matte will be a safe compromise between the too-shiny eggshell and dull flat for a bathroom wall? Trim, moldings, baseboards, woodwork, crown, handrails, doors, and casings typically are painted with a semi-gloss paint finish. If primer has been removed or damaged from any part of the door during shipping or handling, lightly sand and re-prime the exposed areas. Now I’m staring at a tall white ceiling, and want to go full in and paint the ceiling to match, paired with a Carrera top desk and warm leather chair. Hi Kylie! Hi Lauren, I would look at a satin finish, so that you still get some wipeability, but don’t have TOO much gloss ;). My experience with satin on those doors is that it shows marks when you use a cloth on it to dust or clean. Kylie, this was awesome!! Hi Kristin, you’re bang-on with the sheen, that’s perfect! Semigloss or gloss makes cleaning easier and holds up to frequent cleaning. Hi Teresa, thank you! It will also describe what to look for in a brush and what type of painting tool is best for you. You said to make sure to use quality brushes and rollers. This finish is ideal for: Doors. I went to Sherwin William’s and ordered the wall paint in eggshell. P.S. Flat paint has little to no sheen. A textured finish will be enhanced with shiny paint, A flat finish is the best for reducing the look of the texture and camouflaging flaws on a flat ceiling, If your walls are smooth, in good condition and you don’t have kids or dogs, you can definitely consider a high-quality flat/matte finish. Regarding ceilings-We’ll be doing our kitchen ceiling in a beadboard or shiplap-ish type of thing. Ooo yes, if you don’t have great ventilation, eggshell woudl be a minimum. The floors are a natural color and I am planning to paint the walls with BM White Dove in a matte finish. The 10 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE Hiring a Painter! Get 3 Paint Colours Custom-Picked for You and Your Home, Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting, Don’t Hire a Painter Before Asking These 10 Questions, Originally written May 2017, updated 2019. The Best Paint For Your Front Doors - Eco Paint, Inc. What Best Paint Finish For Interior Doors? including interior closet doors. What sheen of trim looks best with matte hardwood floors? If it’s a tight fit you may need to sand the edges to allow for extra coats of paint. Thoughts on “ceiling paint” vs. flat paint in the same white color as cabinets for ceiling? How to paint interior doors. Thanks! Decorative metal (lamp posts, metal trim) Functional metal (gutters, downspouts, railings) Accent trim. Painted interior doors, just like painted front doors, is a look that’s tough to resist—and recently, this painting trend has been showing up on Instagram and Pinterest. If you've never thought about painting the interior doors in your home before, you may want to consider it. Selecting the Perfect Paint Color & Finish for Doors. Repainting my dining roon, I want to paint my chair rail, bottom 1/2 of my wall and all moulding same color, do I use the same finish paint, or use eggshell on wall portion and pear or semi for trim? After doing several doors I realized that I like the marine spa varnish much better. Hi, I see the chart at the end says semi or high for trim on older homes and then doors says satin. Choosing the right paint finish for your interior project depends on the look, durability, and ambiance you want. PPG Diamond. We seem to be pretty rough on the trim in some areas and I planned to do the pure white. Finish can shift how a colour looks, so I’d be going satin all over! Would you do the same sheen for an accent wall as the other walls. Dorothy. Contact Eco Paint Today for a Free In House Painting Decorating Consultation […] paint finishes for small laundry rooms, especially those with full double doors can really be anything you want. The most advanced LED-UV primer roller technology and electrostatic spraying technology in the industry are adopted to ensure that the paint surface of each door is flat and comprehensive. If you want to paint your door trim, you need to find the right tools. So glad I stumbled upon these posts. It’s the second most popular finish for trims and doors, but rarely for walls or cabinets. Thank you so much for all your awesome information! Hi Kylie, Over time the interior doors of your home will start looking a bit grubby and worse for wear. Only the first room, the walls are a light grey. Important for several reasons, but primarily key to know, so you don't find yourself painting interior doors once again, anytime soon. Satin is almost ALWAYS the best finish for cabinets. Looking for the best rollers for painting doors? Thanks again for your insight and great info!!! Of course, there are many other ways to do that task such as using a paint roller or brush, but you will get the best results with a paint sprayer. DIY Blogger Diane Henkler of tells Glidden ® how to tackle your interior doors to finish the look of your entryway.

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